This is Fanny.  We had her from shortly after her birth until she passed away a couple of years ago.  We now have four rescue dogs and five rescue cats.  We had rescued seven cats total and had all but one of them fixed.  Six were fixed as soon as we caught them before they had a chance to reproduce.  One we simply could not catch and she had kittens before we finally caught her.  There are many Tom cats in this area belonging to neighbors who don't think it necessary to have male cats fixed.  They never have to deal with the kittens fathered by their cats. Unfortunately, three of the kittens she had died before we found her and the one remaining kitten.  She had put them in a box containing plastic sheeting in a neighbors storage shed and they had suffocated.  She has since been fixed.  We also had the one kitten that survived fixed.  The dogs are Hannah, part collie, Molly, some kind of terrier mix, Sophie, a cockapoo (half poodle, half cocker spaniel) and Jake, a beagle.  The cats are Shulie, Bailey, Cleo, Friendly and Mandy.  Marie, Cleo, Mandy and Friendly were outside cats who didn't want to be in the house.  Cleo will come in sometimes, but prefers to stay outside most of the time.  We installed a kitty door in the garage side door so they can come in out of the cold.  We have an oil heater in the garage with bedding close by.  Marie has disappeared.  She was usually gone for two weeks at a time but would return and stay a while.  But we haven't seen her in several months now.  We knew at one time that she stayed under a neighbors shed on some of her departures, but haven't seen her over there lately.  We had taken in another kitted, Casey, had her fixed kept her in the house.  She got out one day and we didn't realize she was gone for several hours.  We haven't seen her since that morning of the day she disappeared.  We have a large doggy door and the two remaining indoor cats know how to use it.  One of the kittens we rescued we were able to find a home for so that is why we only have five of the original eight cats we rescued.  Our yard, all two plus acres, is fenced in with four foot chain link fencing.  All the animals are potty trained and go out the doggy door when nature calls.